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Vinyl Siding Repair

Vinyl Siding Project

Fort Worth Vinyl Siding Company

Home of  Fort Worth Texas, our Siding company started with you in mind. We know that hailstone hits will damage siding along with cars and homes. We’re here to insure you, that we can handle all your vinyl siding repairs while you sit back and relax.

If you’ve ever searched for ‘vinyl siding near me’ or ‘siding repair contractors near me,’ DFW Siding Repair has probably shown up in your search results. We have a reputation to handle any vinyl siding project with expertise, with guaranteed satisfaction. Most of your vinyl siding at home depot is going to be great priced but not great quality.

Vinyl siding for houses can be found at supply houses like Alside in Arlington and many others across the metroplex. This is where you’ll find the heavy duty, premium vinyl siding suppliers. Here you can choose from many different styles of siding from vinyl siding wood look to smooth siding without the chalky mess you’d get from cheap siding suppliers. This is why we only use high quality siding that will last a lifetime with proper care. 


A little about Our Siding Contractors

As it all started here in Fort Worth Texas where we grew up and during summers, we’d hang vinyl siding with our parents. Now, over 20 yrs of hands on experience, I can tell you that I’ve seen just about every home model and most likely had installed vinyl siding on it – all here in the metroplex! I say all that not to boast but insure You, you’re in a professionals’ hands. We are siding contractors that can repair just about any piece of siding with a close, if not spot on color. 

Some of our Siding Services...

Whether you are looking to install a new siding or want to repair one, our siding contractors in Fort Worth, Texas can help. We provide a large range of siding services despite the color, style or material in order to fix the damage.


Replace damaged Siding

Looking for price for vinyl siding to be replaced? I can tell you depending on what brand of siding you have now, will determine the cost. There are many different types of vinyl siding out there with different price factors. The best way to find out is to schedule a free consultation with no obligation. Depending on the area of repair, will determine as to what needs replaced. Most pieces of siding can be replaced individually.


Hang New Vinyl Siding

Are you looking for new vinyl siding along with soffit and fascia? Our siding experts can install new vinyl siding and will give free quotes. We offer shake siding as well and can provide samples on request. Houses with wood covering, even hardy board will need to have a protection especially here in Texas due to the weather elements. Also, who wouldn’t want to save money on electric bills each and every month due to energy saving insulation and siding.


Custom Metal Over Wood

Our expert craftsmen can cover just about any wood with metal to preserve your home for years to come. Wrapping wood trim and garage door casings will not only give protection from the weather elements but provide beauty in many colors to match your home. Metal around the garage doors give a rich look that will make your neighbors jealous. Give us a call today for a free estimate. If you have rotten wood, that’s a clear sign that you will need to replace it quickly to prevent further damage to your home. Replacing rotten wood the covering it with metal will solve the problem indefinitely. The machine we have called “The brake” allows us to custom mold up and around wood structures, providing a lifetime protection. 


Soffit and Fascia Installation

What is soffit and fascia? Soffit for the house is a enclosure of the rafter ends and fascia is the outer cap of the eaves of the home usually where gutters are installed. Together, they create a system that works together for a purpose. Homes need to have proper air flow through the soffit and when you install metal on fascia and vinyl on soffit, it’ll allows proper breathing in the attic saving you hundreds of dollars a year, in savings from energy use. Installed properly, it’ll look seamless and creating a beauty to look at. 

What Our Siding Customers Are Saying in Fort Worth....

Our siding contractors in Fort Worth had worked so hard to reach the extent of this success. It can’t be measure but be read through the words out of our customers. Check out some of these awesome reviews and testimonials are given by our valuable client base just like you below.


“I used DFW Siding Repair to replace the existing siding of my home. I was pleased with how they were able to replace the whole broken panels and wrap them with a fresh Vinyl installation at my dad’s house in Fort Worth, Texas. I was extremely happy with how they put all their attention to detail. Moreover, Each task was completed on time as discussed prior to the project. Totally a reputed and professional siding company to work with, Highly Recommend!!”

– Polly Shute


“I had DFW Siding Repair do my siding work, and couldn’t have been happier! I was quite worried about the mess caused by flying debris but the whole team managed to clean it perfectly leaving no areas unturned. To be precise, Every person was polite & professional in maintaining work ethics. I found them to be a great company to work with, that take pleasure in what they do.”

– Colleen Daly


“Thanks to the DFW Siding Repair for doing such a fabulous job on installing Vinyl siding to my old home. I am impressed with the whole work standard and how each person carries their job in a designated manner. On-time & within my pocket budget, I Will recommend all my family & friends to choose you guys over anyone in Irving. Thank you again and again!”

-Rob Tye


Tips for Cleaning Vinyl Siding

When you’re ready to clean your siding, rule of thumb – keep it simple! Using hard chemical formulas like 409, or any other multi purpose cleaners can be bad for the vinyl siding. These cleaners can have a reaction to the vinyl causing it to lose its sheen. Think about your car, when washing your siding, a nice mild soap and water are the best solution for this, keeping the finish intact for beauty of a lifetime. Washing your soffit and fascia the same way will preserve the life of the finish as well. Also, be careful using a power washer as too much force can bust the material or permanently damage it.

Restore Your House Exterior System With DFW Siding Repair

The Dallas and Fort Worth area is full of the home exterior that is running down of wear-tear, fading, or damage caused by extreme weather conditions. Without stimulating regular repair or maintenance, Even a small hole can make irreparable damage while leaving your premises at a high risk of leaks, rotting scenarios & insect invasion.

Say bye to waiting before your siding looks wretched or becomes full of cracks. Give DFW Siding Repair a chance to take away all your siding-related issues in Fort Worth, Texas including installation, repair, or maintenance. Our professional team consists of workmanship that knows the perfect solution for your home and within your budget.

Is it time to Repair your Siding in Fort Worth, Texas? Call DFW Siding Repair Today

Is your home wrapped in vinyl siding? DFW Siding Repair is your one-stop repair shop for all types of damage. With an extensive experience of working over 20 years, DFW Siding repair holds a strong position among the homeowners in Fort worth to get their siding back to its peak condition.

However, there are a lot of factors that can lead to the need for siding repair. Some of them are:

  • Hailstorm: They can crack or even make holes out of your home siding.
  • Flying Debris: Flying debris from the tree or other objects can sometimes seriously penetrate and can cause serious dents.
  • Excessive Sunlight: Siding may become wrapped on exposure to excessive sunlight.
  • Rot: Signs of Rot be observed by a blotch of uneven colors or a weakly associated structure.
  • Rusting: Rusting can be easily removed but you should be aware of its origin.
  • Heavy Winds: Heavy Winds can break or rupture the original shape of your siding.
  • Water Deposit: Water deposits caused by rain result in the rot or molding of the existing siding structure.

All these costly dangers are your real enemy. Tackle with them now by calling a professional siding contractor in ftw, Texas such as DFW Siding Repair today.

We are available just a call away from your property to cast away all the potential damage caused under the influence of the above-given conditions. While doing so, our siding contractors in Fort Worth, Texas uses the highest quality material available in the market that leaves you in the bizarre of long-lasting results that you had never expected so far.

The Siding repair is not what homeowners expect to do every year, so the timeline for the job is what matters. DFW Siding Repair keeps that in mind, and install sidings that provide you with peace of mind. We pay utmost attention to each detail such that your invested energy, time, or money won’t just escape out of your roof, and stays while making your home beautiful.

For FREE Estimate on siding installation, repair, replacement, or maintenance in Fort Worth, Give us a call at 972-972-9964 today.

Siding Repair

While roofing material takes most of the attention, there are many digressive areas that require your vision including siding. If it’s damaged under the cause of any extreme climate condition or mis happenings, It’s time to repair it. DFW Siding Repair can swiftly repair the siding leaks, cracks, damaged soffit or fascia, missing panels & much more.

Leaks & Cracks are more often quite simple terms that may happen in any home construction material.

Talking about the major damage conditions, Soffits binds the gap between roof & wall. Soffits on the roof can get damaged by heavy rainfall, gutter overflow, insect invasion leading to interior damage in terms of peeling paint or stains.

On the other hand, Fascia is the trim board for the edge of your roof i.e susceptible to decay and rot.

Repairing damaged fascia simply means replacing the whole board, which is quite a huge task as the material above the edge needs to be removed.

However, in both conditions, Roof Inspection is a must as rotten soffits or fascia are obviously a result of some kind of roof leak. If you commence the replacement or repair without overlooking them, you will be welcome to a long list of more rotten soffits & fascia.

Rotten Soffit or Fascia are easy to suspect. Keep an eye on your siding, and you will easily know when peeling, staining, or crumbling start taking place. Although, If you had opted for Vinyl siding for your home, you might be needing minor maintenance or repair.  Sometimes, Vinyl siding may get punctured, which results in hanging or missing panels.

If this all happens to you at your own home, DFW Siding repair will appear at your place in a snap to replace or repair the damaged siding before it becomes collateral damage. We take care of different repairs associated with siding including the replacement of existing material or installation of a new one. Minor damage needs only the involvement of replacing existing parts which gives you control on cost and time. Depending upon your request, We can repair section by section or leave your house with a total makeover.

Our Siding Contractors in Fort Worth have experience in tackling every type of damage and know the relevant way to perform the much-needed repair or replacement. Nevertheless, We work closely with our siding customers just to leave a positive impression and a siding that stays attractive for many years to come.

Siding Installation

Driven by the thought of replacing your siding with a new one? Let DFW Siding Repair handle it. Our siding professionals in Dallas, Texas personalize each scenario as a unique opportunity to showcase their talent as to provide the best protection possible.

As of the popularity, Vinyl Siding Installation is our primary work genre. It comes in an extensive range of colors and shapes to match the exterior of your building. However, this type of siding usually covers existing masonry or wood paneling just to extend the timeline. As of now, Vinyl Siding provides extreme durability and weather resistance that can save and enhance the appearance & value of your home.

Complications may get involved, but there are certain things that you will keep in mind if you are doing it yourself. That includes knowing how to access the necessary tools and equipment is used to install the siding. To avoid damage, keep in mind the drainage paths and provide protection to framing lumbers. Solidifying surface prior to the installation is another cakewalk. The next station is to seal energy leaks before attaching the vinyl.

Sounds a lot I guess? Then DFW Siding Repair can help you install these meticulous siding to your place in a perfect way. Our siding services in Fort Worth include installing extremely low-maintenance Vinyl Siding that will provide your place with a fresh look that won’t get scratched or peeled over time. Our siding professionals can provide your house with a lift by replacing the whole siding with a new effective material i.e Vinyl. Under replacement or in other cases can repair them.

About DFW Siding Repair

DFW Siding Repair is one of the most highest-rated siding installation & repair companies based in Fort Worth, Texas with a proven track record of over generations.


Make it Right:

If we did something wrong with the installation! It’s onto us, not you. Our team will work out their best to make things right again!

We’re Property Owners Too:

We own property just as you, so know how these siding services act as a major investment when it comes to adding a sense of appeal to your home.

We do Fix Mistakes:

Perhaps you have come across the word like “experienced”, “trustworthy” or “Honest”, Fortunately, we are its meaning in the first place.


Choosing a quality siding service provider in Fort Worth can be challenging, but not when you have DFW Siding Repair at your side. By selecting us as your preferred siding contractor, you will get the following:

Extensive Consultation: Most siding professionals in Keller,TX will just ask you about your requirements and then get started with the work. With DFW Siding Repair, you won’t experience such scenarios. Choosing a siding contractor means putting trust in individual responsibility to make your exterior home appearance worth a while. We understand it and consult each and every detail including the consequences and benefits of chosen method or material. With us, you will be leaving all the stress of choosing the perfect material, timeline, and work standard that will blend with all other contractors performing different jobs to your home.

High-Quality Material: Our Siding materials are usually acquired from the leading local manufacturers around Fort Worth, Texas such that you will get the highest quality material that effortlessly matches the reflection of your local area. By choosing DFW Siding Repair, you will be investing in a siding firm that knows every local regulation and follows them while doing

Variety of Siding options with DFW Siding Repair, we will provide you with a gigantic array of siding colors and styles that suits the style of your home. To enable this, we have your vision on a sample of the recommended panel first in order to make the right choice. Once you are done, we commence without leaving any stone unturned.

We are thankful to all our team members who stick with us and contribute to the field of siding for making us an industry leader. This recognition indicated how well we are focusing on a result-oriented approach throughout our customer base. Our team will be honored to fulfill your vinyl siding requirements exactly the same time and attention we have been giving to all of our siding-related projects.

To get a comprehensive consultation on your siding needs including installation or repair, Feel FREE to reach out to us today by calling at 972-972-9964.


#1 Fort Worth Siding Repair Experts

At DFW Siding Repair, We work on the highest industry standard to repair the existing siding for your residential building in Fort Worth, Texas. Our professionals analyze each situation thoroughly while making a progression to the repair part for the best output. Isn’t it amazing? We’re the experts and we leave no stone unturned to prove our worth. But before booking an appointment, do you know why is it so significant to repair them and what happens if you don’t? Let’s find out!

Why Siding Repairs Are Important

Siding Repair is not the thing that a lot of siding contractors in Fort Worth are interested in. The reason being;” There is more cash flow on the new installation side rather than fixing what’s wrong.” However, Siding is the last layer of your home exterior that protects it from harmful agents such as moisture, insects & extreme climatic conditions. Thus, It is prudent that you keep it tight. If it can enter into the building envelope, It can make its way to the other areas as well. But what happens if you neglect to focus on your siding?

What Happens If You Neglect Your Siding

Once your siding becomes damaged, It may get exposed to several issues. The defects can lead to a direct path of moisture with no going back. Water entering into the home walls can cause mold or mildew. At worst, the internal material will get starting rotten. Thus, It is essential to repair the siding as soon as you find a qualified siding repair contractor for making it right. The solution is to contact DFW Siding Repair before it becomes a bigger & much expensive problem. However, if you neglect or ignore it, you will see a range of signs that are no longer limited to:

  • Insect Damage
  • Wrapped or Punctured Siding pieces
  • Dry Rotting
  • Mold Collection on Siding or Trim
  • Crumbled or Missing Caulking
  • Loose Siding Panels
  • Gaps Between Siding
  • Stains or Color Defects
  • Wave in Quality
  • Uneven Dirt Collection
  • Holes or Critter Damage
  • Cracks or Slit’s on Siding
  • Improperly sealed joints
  • Loose or Missing Panels

Since your home siding is taking the impact of elements day by day, It is obvious that anything can get wrong. All the damage signs we have just talked about are just a start. It could either occur as a result of human behavior or natural elements.

Although, the amount of deterioration helps to decide which repair method would actually work. Minor or surface-level damage can be amended by using a patch. On the contrary, Serious damage often requires a comprehensive discovery and solution. That’s why you need a siding repair professional such as DFW Siding Repair who had experience in working with both complex and minor issues. Fortunately, We’re the ones who hold a strong uphold on every type of siding damage and can repair it promptly as soon you reach out to us.

DFW Siding Repair Capabilities

Regardless of the type of siding surface, DFW Siding Repair professionals can fix any siding-related repair. Our siding repair team is insured, licensed, and qualified enough to help in case you ever face a problem. We’ve got you covered on the damage related to:

  • Weather Conditions
  • UV Light
  • Pest Damage
  • Expansion and contraction
  • Moisture
  • Poor Installation

We Fix Siding Damage for Good

Siding Repair might be hard to notice until it becomes too complicated. That’s why it is imperative to keep a keen eye on your home exterior and repair it before it becomes a major problem.

To enable this, Our team of siding experts will not only fix the damage but find the core from where the damage is originated in the first place. Nevertheless, We can remove the damaged panel and replace it with a fresh piece if needed. Afterward, we seal and paint it so that the finished surface looks seamless and perfect. Our team won’t just finish at siding but will assist if there might be something else related to the exterior surface. Some of the major benefits of working with DFW Siding Repair are:

Licensed & Insurance: Our siding contractors in Fort Worth are licensed as well as insured. By trusting us, you can rest assured that your project will complain about building codes & standards set by industry-leading home improvement companies.

On-time & Organized: The workflow offered by us is fully organized and most likely to be finished on time regardless of circumstances. Nothing feels better to get a timeline assurance to build on quality, class, and enthusiasm.

Professional Guidance: This is where DFW Siding Repair stands out. Do you ever interact with a siding firm that provides you with a solution that actually whined with your budget, home conditions, and climate? Do they ever give you the flexibility to choose between desired pattern, texture, or style? Well with us, you can expect a lot more than a remarkable result with a smile on your face.

Proper Equipment: Right Equipment & resources are a must if you are specific about the quality of installation or repair. Our Siding professionals in Fort Worth, Texas ensures the necessary training and tools to make your siding repair a success.

Warranty: Speaking of the warranty, Our siding repair professionals are trained well with the industry guidelines set by manufacturers such that the installation or repair done by us complained about the guarantee policies. After all, Every paying user wants coverage that makes him/her stress-free.

Contact Us For All Your Siding Repair Needs

DFW Siding Repair is specialized in an extensive range of materials and is much delighted to discuss your siding repair-related issues. No matter what type of siding damage you are facing, we can fix it. If you have come across any sign of damage, feel free to click some pictures and sent us back. Or Else, Give a call to one of our siding professionals for a FREE consultation today